The Aerodynamics Of The Golf Ball

Knowing about every single component of our golf game gives us an edge.

Ever consider the golf balls role in improving your golf game performance?

In his article below, Jack Moorehouse provides some insight into the golf balls evolution and function. His discussion of the golf balls evolution provides some interesting talking points for your next golf outing. Even better, his explanation of the golf balls function provides valuable information you can immediately apply to improve your golf swing performance and game – giving you that greater edge!

Every wonder why a golf ball has dimples?

It’s not a question that comes up a lot during golf lessons or group golf instructions sessions. But every once in a while, someone will ask about dimples.

Some golfers think they’re just for decoration. Well, they’re not.

There’s a practical reason why golf balls have dimples. It has to do with the aerodynamics of drag. Put simply, the dimples add spin to the ball, which helps it go farther. Thus, the length of your shot isn’t solely dependent on the golfer’s strength and mechanics.

Dimples also provide control. They enable golfers to hit draws and fades and stop balls dead on the green. If golfers couldn’t do this, they’d have to take a lot more golf lessons to achieve a low golf handicap.

Evolution of Ball Designs

The golf ball’s design has evolved over the years. At first, golfers used the “featherie”—a leather pouch filled with goose feathers. Then in the 1840s, they switched to a ball, made from the gum of the Malaysian Sapodilla tree.

Both balls had smooth surfaces because golfers believed a smooth sphere resulted in less drag. Less drag meant longer shots. But according to golf legend a professor at Saint Andrews University in Scotland discovered that a sphere goes farther when scored. This discovery led to a variety of golf ball surface designs chosen more or less by intuition. Eventually, golf settled on dimples because of its beneficial effects on drag.

Today, the modern golf ball has well over 300 dimples arranged in rows.

Drag On A Sphere

A sphere experiences two types of drag.

The first is drag due to friction. This only accounts for a small part of the drag experience, however.

The drag due to separation of flow behind the ball, known as pressure, provides the majority of drag on your ball. With laminar flow, separation is early. With turbulent flow, separation is delayed. The separation region with turbulent flow is smaller than with laminar flow. The smaller separation results in less pressure on the sphere.

The scoring causes the flow to change from laminar to turbulent. The turbulent flow has more energy than the laminar flow, so the flow stays attached longer, causing the ball to go farther. Obviously, hitting the ball farther can help your golf handicap.

Achieving The Same Affect

Dimples use another method to impact drag.

Physics measures this effect using something called a Reynolds number. It indicates when the flow transitions from a laminar to a turbulent state. As the Reynolds number increases, the ball’s drag increases. The average Reynolds number for a smooth sphere is much larger than the average Reynolds number experienced by a golf ball. In other words, the dimples cause the flow to remain longer on a golf ball, propelling it farther.

Lift is another aerodynamic force impacting the ball’s flight. Given the proper spin, a golf ball produces lift.

Dimples also help generate lift. By keeping the flow attached, the dimples help promote the change in flow described above.

If the ball is moving from left to right, the ball is spinning in the counter clockwise direction. The wake is then being deflected downward. This downward deflection of flow results in a lifting force being applied to the ball.

What does this mean for a golfer?

Dimples increase the golfer’s ability to control the ball and make it do what he or she wants.

In one of our golf tips newsletter we explain how to hit a draw. Dimples encourage the drawing action. Without them, it would be extremely difficult to make the ball curve the way you want it to, no matter how much you practiced or how many golf lessons you took. Thus, your golf handicap could suffer.

So when someone asks why a golf ball has dimples, you’ll have the answer. They provide better control and help add length to a shot.

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Could The Pro Golfer Tiger Woods Eliminated This Year?

Tiger Woods’s dominance in the world of professional golf in the past five years could be evicted this year. This belief is expressed British golfers. They see the points that have been collected will be increasingly eroded due to Tiger rarely appear on the golf course this season. Tiger was ranked first for 258 weeks. But lately he has not played a long time due to the sex scandal case uncovered last year.

After returning to the golf course, now there is new issue on his neck injury. This season series Tiger only appearing in three PGA Tour. Last April he began his comeback in major U.S. Masters tournament. The results quite satisfying because he was in the group of golfers who are ranked fourth and reached 330 thousand dollar prize. After performing at the U.S. Masters, Tiger back to playing at Quail Hollow Championship earlier this month. The result is very disappointing because he did not pass the cut off and could only survive in the second round.

His last appearance was at the Players Championship. Tiger resigned in the last round with a neck injury reasons. Tiger is still leading in the first world ranking with 431,52 points total, . Compatriot Phil Mickelson is second with 409,95 points total, and British golfers, Lee Westwood, in third place with 392.99 points total.

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Know More About The Golf Swing Tips

golf swing tipsSo you want to know more about the golf swing? Most people will probably frustrated about the golf swing parts in the world of golf game.

Many people are endlessly changing their golf swing to gain more distance or to proper problems like a slice or a hook. Actually the golf swing is just mechanics issue and putting body motions together on the right way so you can be consistent.

But for many experienced golfer they know this issue is very easy to said rather than done. Let’s see what actually the basic of golf swing is:

  1. Your stance should be about shoulder width apart and your feet should be pointing slightly out – but not too much!
  2. Let your arms hang naturally down from your body and place the club behind the ball. If your shoulders hunch or you have tension in your arms, you are probably too close to the ball. Stand back a little bit.
  3. Place about 70 percent of your body weight on your back leg.
  4. Straighten your spine and have a bit of bend in your knees.
  5. Keep your eye on the ball during your entire swing
  6. Grip the club as if you are holding a small, delicate bird. You want to keep the bird in your hands, but you don’t want to crush it either. That’s how you should hold your club.
  7. A good golf swing will be a fluid, easy motion with your shoulders turning slightly in the backswing and your follow-through complete.
  8. Make sure you keep your feet planted and slow down in your backswing. Most problems with a golf swing are cause by swinging too quickly in the back swing and then not accelerating through the ball.
  9. You will want to hit the ball in the “sweet spot” or the center of the club. Hitting it anyplace else will cause your ball to travel in directions that you really don’t want it to go in.
  10. Then grip it and rip it!

These golf swing tips may helpful for you and you can take lessons on your golf swing exercise also you can watch those pros swing on the television. There are hundreds of golf articles on the internet and this article is one of them that will help you with your golf swing.

Learning to perfectly do the golf swings can take many years of exercise and practice just like enthusiastic golfer will say to you. A perfect golf swing need hundreds things to learn, know and they all have been up in the right ways and right time and consistent golf swing. And when it happened that would be a great feeling!

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