Beginner Golf Swing Instruction – Finally Get a Grip on a Better Golf Swing!

We continue our beginner golf swing instruction with today’s post – a discussion on the manner with which to grip a golf club. This post is not about variations on hand position or placement, but instead about gripping force and its affect on golf swing performance.

Teaching the correct gripping force with which to apply to the golf club is a challenging topic in beginner golf swing instruction.

Beginner golfers, unsure about their golf swing control, have a tendency to place an excessively tight grip on the club. What the beginner golfer has yet to realize however, is gripping the golf club in this manner is detrimental to their golf swing control, swing mastery and swing mechanics.

In the book, “The Master Key to Success at Golf”, author Leslie King explains how an overly tense grip on the club negatively impacts golf swing performance.

In the book King writes;

“Strong hands, wrists and fingers are essential to the retention of a correct and constant grip in every detail and the development of the feeling that it is fitted snugly to the shaft.

You may well ask why this emphasis on strength in view of my warning against a vice-like grip of the club. After all, a golf club only weighs between twelve and fifteen-and-a-half ounces.

Here is the answer. For all its comparatively light weight the club head moves in a wide arc and works up to a high speed at impact. To keep complete control of it without restriction of the life and power of the swing it is necessary to develop a measure of strength which permits firm mastery without the fullest physical effort to apply it.

Smooth steering thereby is impossible and if one were to drive any distance the arms would soon be aching. Similarly with the novice boxer. Clenching their fists inside their gloves and holding their arms rigid they cannot throw a proper punch or react quickly enough to parry one from their opponent. Their arms rapidly tire and feel as heavy as lead.

It is this same muscular tension against which I am warning you as a golfer. A fierce grip on the shaft locks the wrists and deprives the movement of LIFE, but if the hands are not conditioned to their task the natural instinct is to grip fiercely.”

Beginner golf swing instruction must educate the novice golfer that overly excessive grip offers no greater control over the swing. It has exactly the opposite effect – robbing them of both their command and power over their golf swing.

Newbie’s, keep this concept in mind to get the most out of your beginner golf swing instruction. Taking a little tension out of your grip could take a lot of tension out of your game!

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