The Proper Golf Swing – An Exercise to Improve Your Downswing

Every golfer wants to consistently perform a proper golf swing.

But learning the proper golf swing involves a great deal of time and practice. The process can be both overwhelming and frustrating for the golfer.

A little coaching however can greatly accelerate the golfer’s success in developing a proper golf swing.

In the book, “The Master Key to Success at Golf” author Leslie King becomes such a “coach” to the reader. To help achieve the proper golf swing, King recommends a training exercise to better improve the golfer’s club head delivery to the ball. King refers to this exercise technique as “hitting and stopping”.

King writes:

“The art of making a delivery of the club head within the framework of a shaped swing is not one to be learned overnight. The answer is to be found in that all-important eight o’clock position of the club head as the hands arrive almost at ball level.

There is an exercise which I have proved can help enormously, though you will not find it easy to perform at first. This is the swinging of the club head down into the impact position and stopping, otherwise known as “hitting and stopping”.

The object is to increase hand-control of the club head. To allow you to stop it at impact the hands must retain control in the downswing with the back of the left hand in line with the forearm as the club head comes into the impact position.

If you find persistent difficulty in stopping the club head it can only be because the club head has been allowed to overtake the hands too early. Remember that while you are aiming to stop at impact the club must still be SWUNG down. Work on this exercise and train yourself and your hands to master it. Utilise all the phases of the movement I have outlined in the backswing and the downswing and when you bring the club head to a stop, check that your impact position left hand in line with forearm and square to the line of flight, left shoulder up, right knee folding in … is precisely the posed position we arrived at in the chapter on the downswing.

You will not be able to perform this exercise unless you keep firmly in your mind the need to WAIT FOR IT, and to keep the movement from the top smooth and unhurried.

But master it and perform it repeatedly. When you feel your hands and forearms aching as you persevere with this invaluable exercise you will know you are really achieving something.

You will be training the hands to do their work, gaining control over the shoulder-action (remember what I wrote in the chapter on the backswing?) and consolidating the delivery of the club head.

Furthermore it will help to keep the head steady. “Head up”, as rife in golf as the common cold in everyday life, is caused by hitting too early. Bear in mind the phrase, “Hit early, look early”. Better still make it the positive maxim, “Hit late, look late”.

And look at the back of the ball with BOTH eyes. You have two. Use them.”

To learn the proper golf swing, a golfer must take advantage of the knowledge and experience of professional instructors.

Try incorporating Kings “hitting and stopping” exercise into your practice routine and practice sessions.

Check back soon for more articles and posts on learning to consistently perform the proper golf swing!

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