PurePoint Golf Instruction – Tee Height for Draws and Fades – Golf Strategy

I have a great golf strategy for you. I recently played 18 holes on a little bit of an odd golf course.

It was a good golf course, but the first nine holes, there was out of bounds on the entire left side.

On the back nine there was desert on the entire right side, the first nine holes, trouble left.

The golf strategy I used was that on the first 9 holes, I teed every golf ball exactly the same height, as close to the ground as I possibly could.

The last nine holes, I teed every tee shot as high as I possibly could.

On the first nine holes, when I teed it down low, if you tee a golf ball as low as possible to the ground, it’s very difficult to get the club face to cross over and to hook it. I never hooked one ball out of bounds for the first nine holes.

The last nine holes, trouble right, this is very difficult to slice from here. The golf club will cross over and you’ll wind up hooking the tee shot way before you’d slice it.

I missed one fairway on the front nine and I never missed a fairway on the back nine.

The golf strategy to use here is instead of changing your golf swing, change the way you tee it: low for fades of slices and high for draws of hooks.

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