Know More About The Golf Swing Tips

golf swing tipsSo you want to know more about the golf swing? Most people will probably frustrated about the golf swing parts in the world of golf game.

Many people are endlessly changing their golf swing to gain more distance or to proper problems like a slice or a hook. Actually the golf swing is just mechanics issue and putting body motions together on the right way so you can be consistent.

But for many experienced golfer they know this issue is very easy to said rather than done. Let’s see what actually the basic of golf swing is:

  1. Your stance should be about shoulder width apart and your feet should be pointing slightly out – but not too much!
  2. Let your arms hang naturally down from your body and place the club behind the ball. If your shoulders hunch or you have tension in your arms, you are probably too close to the ball. Stand back a little bit.
  3. Place about 70 percent of your body weight on your back leg.
  4. Straighten your spine and have a bit of bend in your knees.
  5. Keep your eye on the ball during your entire swing
  6. Grip the club as if you are holding a small, delicate bird. You want to keep the bird in your hands, but you don’t want to crush it either. That’s how you should hold your club.
  7. A good golf swing will be a fluid, easy motion with your shoulders turning slightly in the backswing and your follow-through complete.
  8. Make sure you keep your feet planted and slow down in your backswing. Most problems with a golf swing are cause by swinging too quickly in the back swing and then not accelerating through the ball.
  9. You will want to hit the ball in the “sweet spot” or the center of the club. Hitting it anyplace else will cause your ball to travel in directions that you really don’t want it to go in.
  10. Then grip it and rip it!

These golf swing tips may helpful for you and you can take lessons on your golf swing exercise also you can watch those pros swing on the television. There are hundreds of golf articles on the internet and this article is one of them that will help you with your golf swing.

Learning to perfectly do the golf swings can take many years of exercise and practice just like enthusiastic golfer will say to you. A perfect golf swing need hundreds things to learn, know and they all have been up in the right ways and right time and consistent golf swing. And when it happened that would be a great feeling!

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