Sit Up Straight…It Will Improve Your Golf Swing!

Physical conditioning for golf has finally become main stream. Professional golfers, realizing its importance, are participating in high performance golf specific exercise programs to improve their game, confidence and careers.

They invest not only a huge amount of money but time into individually designed programs using specific exercises which offer the greatest carryover to their golf game. That’s the professionals, people whose livelihoods depend upon their golf performance.

But what about amateur golfers?

Most amateur golfers can afford neither the time nor the expense required to participate in a professionally designed, individualized, golf conditioning program. But good news, with the help of this and the coming series of posts, amateur golfers can, over time, build a powerful, do it yourself golf conditioning program.

So what exactly should a golf specific exercise program consist of?

What exercises should a golfer, be it professional or amateur, invest their time and effort to get the greatest return on the course?

You would be surprised.

The better golf conditioning programs will not be centered around the traditional bodybuilding or strengthening exercises you would expect.

The best programs will comprise of exercises which incorporate neurological and postural components.

Sit Up Straight…

We have all heard our parents say, “Sit-Up Straight” to us one time or another. But can good posture improve your golf game. YES!

Posture is an essential element to improve golf swing performance. It is essential for proper swing mechanics and swing patterns. Good posture helps better control ones center of gravity, creates a tighter swing axis and allows for more consistent swing planes.

Most conditioning programs on the market recognize this fact and design workouts which include postural correcting exercises that strengthen muscles. This is all fine and good however, what most programs fail to include is a neurological component to help reprogram the nervous system.

Posture is a form of habit. When we sit at a desk in the same position 8 to 10 hours a day our nervous system recognizes a pattern. Over time our body believes that this habitual pattern is our preferred postural position and alignment.

There is not an exercise one can do for an entire workout that will correct 8-10 hours of poor seating everyday! It is for this reason that the nervous system has far more control over our posture than the muscular system. So, time spent on improving posture from a neurological approach is time well spent.

So how do we reprogram our nervous system to improve of posture?

The best way is to begin with postural cueing techniques.

I have learned some amazing and easy postural cueing techniques from Paul Chek; founder of the CHEK Institute in Vista, CA and author of The Golf Biomechanics Manual, Whole in One Conditioning. One cuing technique in particular I find the most practical and effective in neurological training is what I call, the “Alarming Postural Aid’. This one is simple and no sweat! (literally!)

1. Get a watch that has a programmable alarm.

2. Set the alarm to sound off every 15 minutes.

3. Each time the alarm sounds, stand or sit up as straight as you can.

4. Reset the alarm to go off in another 15 minute

5. Repeat Step 3.

Following these above steps will insure one gets postural and neurological training approximately 48 times a day (4 times an hour 12 hours per day).

Perform this protocol for 2-3 weeks, and then change the frequency of the alarm sounding off in Step 2 to every 10 minutes. One gets postural and neurological training approximately 72 times a day (6 times an hour/12 hours per day). Do this for 2-3 weeks.

Finally change the frequency of the alarm sounding off in Step 2 to every 5 minutes. You get the point!

Do this and you’ll be on your way to reprogramming your nervous system, restoring posture and in turn improving your golf swing and game!

Check back for more practical tips and techniques to help build a do it yourself golf conditioning exercise program.

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