Improve Golf Swing Performance – Swinging “In-to-Out”

To improve golf swing performance golfers must understand what it means to swing the golf club “in-to-out’.

Swinging the golf club “in-to-out” however, is a concept most golfers fail to grasp.

The fact is, until a golfer learns to swing their golf club “in-to-out” they will have a very difficult time trying to improve golf swing performance.

In the book, “On Learning Golf”, author Percy Boomer offers valuable instruction to help golfers better understand why and how to swing their golf club “in-to-out”.

Boomer writes;

“Firstly what is this “in-to-out”? It is the feeling of swinging the club head not directly down the line of flight, but from inside this line as the ball is approached to outside the line in the follow through. The feeling that this is the path taken by the club head is essential to a good swing. Therefore the fact that scientific analysis can prove that at the impact the club head does actually follow the line of flight exactly can be ignored. You play golf by feeling, not by scientific analysis…

From the first time we see golf played to the first time we take a club in our hands, we have instinctively formed a false conception of the movement. We visualize the club head going up and over our shoulder and down onto the ball. You need only take any neophyte to see how they immediately take the club up and down. Their conviction that this is the correct movement is strengthened by the fact that they see the ball soaring into the air and concludes that it must have been hit with an upward motion. So to make matters worse, they bring their hands into play also to assist the up-down-up movement—and is fully equipped for a career of scooping.

Now here are two devastatingly false impressions, and it is astonishing how long in many golfers’ lives they remain. We must not try to lift either the club head or the ball, and we shall never be good golfers until we can feel that we pull the club head along as we swing, along not up and down.

Let us put this in another way. If I were to ask you to:

(1) Drive a wedge under a door


(2) Drive a nail into the floor you would visualize two entirely different directions of hammer-head travel. Driving the wedge under the door is the direction we must feel at golf. The force must go along through the length of the wedge, along through the length of the ball.

With this in mind, it becomes clear that in swinging, the weight of the club head should be brought along from behind the ball, not from above it. This is what we call the wide swing, wide not high: a wide sweep that brings the club head in from behind the back of the ball.“

Improve golf swing performance by learning to better swing your club “in-to-out”.

Try following Percy Boomer’s advice next time you’re practicing your golf swing.

Check back soon for more posts and tips to improve golf swing performance!

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