Improve Golf Swing Performance – Keep Your Practice Sessions Fresh with Variety!

Practice is the only way to improve golf swing performance.

All golfers, though in varying quantities and degrees, invest valuable time and energy in practice sessions hoping to achieve this goal. Very few golfers can improve golf swing mechanics or patterns without engaging in some regular form of practice.

Be very careful though, for practice, however, is a two sided sword!

Done correctly, practice can improve golf swing performance and, more importantly, allow the golfer to accurately assess their true level of golf skill. Done incorrectly, however, practice can be disastrous, destroying confidence in ones golf swing and even worse, causing loss of interest in ones golf game.

So what then is the right way to practice?

It’s simple.

In his book, The Winning Touch in Golf, A Psychological Approach, author Peter G. Cranford, Ph.D. offers some advice on developing effective practice routines. Crawford explains how injecting variety and experimentation in our practice routine keeps our interest, develop confidence and eliminate mistakes in our golf game.

Cranford writes;

“When the same muscles are used continuously in the same fashion, fatigue results. With fatigue there comes a loss of interest. This creates more fatigue. The same is also true if the same thought pattern is continuously repeated. If we vary our physical and psychological approach to the game, interest can be maintained at a high pitch.

Variety can be introduced by playing strange courses or by playing with a different golf group. Experimenting with problem shots is often an interesting diversion. These could be short trap shots, high trap shots, shots from the rough, shots with a restricted backswing, low running shots to the green, and others. I have often practiced shots that I feared. This is a good method of developing confidence.

Occasionally, variety can be added by practicing with someone else. Stimulation can come from competing against a friend either in a putting contest or in tests of accuracy with other clubs.

One of the additional advantages that accrues from this type of practice is that you can obtain a fairly objective measure of your improvement or skill.

I have practiced competitive wedge shots against friends and found that a relative superiority in this field made it foolish for me to emphasize it in practice. It highlighted the fact that the reason my friend and I were equal in scoring was my relative deficiency in hitting greens with long irons, and his in hitting with short ones. I then practiced to pull level with him on the longer irons, slacking off on wedge practice, and the improvement was reflected in the scores.

On another occasion, a friend and I had a long putt contest. We each putted five balls, marking the pattern of shots. His pattern was so superior to mine that I adopted his method, with much more success.

On still another occasion, in a chipping contest, we used radically different methods but achieved the same good results. This kept both of us from investing time in experimenting with the other’s method when it was probable that little would be gained…

Experimentation of any kind is conducive to increasing interest. This experimentation can be done on the spur of the moment while on the practice tee. Experimentation can also be done in advance. If you develop certain ideas about a stroke, you can try them out in your mind first. Thinking about one’s method of play can very easily eliminate mistakes before you get to the golf course.”

To improve golf swing performance golfer’s need to keep their practice sessions fresh and varied.

Golfers need to introduce new drills and techniques which test and challenge their abilities both physically and mentally.

Revisit and recreate those shots you fear most! Experiment with the problem shots you’ve encountered in your past games!

Practice sessions are the time and place to address the faults in your golf swing and deficits in your golf game!

Keep this principle in mind next time your looking to revamp your practice routine to improve golf swing performance!

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