Improve Golf Swing Performance – Gain an Extra 10 to 15 Yards on Your Drive!

To improve golf swing performance golfers need to make full use of the stored power and energy generated during their backswing.

The difficult task for most golfers is not building this power reserve but rather their ability to deliver this power to the ball without any leakage.

Bottom line, any power leakage during the swing results in lost distance on the drive.

So how does the golfer prevent these power leaks to improve golf swing performance?

In their book, How to Master the Irons, authors Littler and Collett, explain power lost during our swing can be traced back to the action of our hands. They offer a simple technique which golfers can apply to their swing to solve this problem.

Littler and Collett write;

“…in the process of building your swing you should continually strive for power. Power is an elusive thing for a golfer to capture, and, when they capture it, they can still lose it at a flick of the wrists—and that is usually where the trouble starts. Most golfers expend their power long before they get to the ball, instead of building it up. This casting-type action is good for a fisherman but not for a golfer.

Occasionally, I find that I lose power, and this usually is traceable to my hand action. By practicing for a while, I find that I can reverse this casting procedure and gain back the 10 or 15 yards that I have so suddenly lost. In other words, instead of casting, I cock my wrists just as I begin my downswing. This has the effect of firming up my hands and setting them for the hit through the ball.

Many players cock their wrists immediately on the backswing, while others form a gradual cock going back, and then a full cock just as the downswing is begun. I am of this latter school of golfers and believe it to be the best and most effective method of obtaining maximum power in your iron shots. This maneuver causes the shaft of the club to dip slightly downward as the downswing is begun and ensures that no expenditure of power will take place until the last split second before the ball is contacted. The left side, incidentally, is highly instrumental in bringing about this late cocking of the wrists. Initiating the downswing with your left hip and left side tends to lower your hands and arms in close to your body, and, almost automatically, the wrists are set in a fully cocked position quite early in the downswing.”

To improve golf swing performance golfers need make full use of the power generated during the back swing.

The secret to adding 10-15 yards on your drive could be as simple as a “flick of the wrist” (no pun intended)!

Check back again for more tips to improve golf swing performance!

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