Confident And Relaxed. Can You Use These Two Words When Describing Your Golf Swing?

Great golf comes from within.

Great golf begins in our mind. Our greatest swings begin from a mental state of confidence and relaxation. It allows us to approach each swing poised and composed providing the best chance to capitalize upon all our swing instruction and practice.

To play in this mental zone is the only way to play winning golf.

In his book, “Golf Can Be An Easy Game”, Joe Novak discusses the connection between mental readiness and improved golf swing performance. In the book Novak begins his discussion by writing:

“There is no deceptive delivery in golf, and there is no opposing player to interfere with the play. The ball is on the ground, waiting for the player to act, and the player can take as long as they want, use whatever club they desire, and follow any method or style they choose.

So, why shouldn’t golf be easy? As it turns out, this free choice of time, equipment, and style is the very thing that proves so often to be the undoing of the golfer. Uncertain of the club selected, and perhaps a bit more uncertain of the manner in which they are going to use it, the player has a tendency to become deliberate and doubtful. In short, he develops a mental block and a physical tension which destroys his confidence and his ability to execute the shot.

Because golf is played with a still ball, it requires a definite plan and style of action on the part of the player. Although the lie or position of the ball does not always find it setting on top of a nice tuft of turf, at least it is stationary and in relatively the same position to the player on every shot. In games other than golf, the ball is not always in the same relation to the player, and he must act instinctively for this reason. But in golf, the player trains himself to act routinely. He develops a style, a definite plan of action, and he needs this plan to start and finish each shot consistently.

No one should rush into golf. A plan should be worked out, and when this is done, an understanding of what to do and how to do it soon develops the confidence essential to good performance. By placing themself under the guidance of PGA professionals, a player will hasten results and guarantee performance.

Confidence and Relaxation

A most important necessity in any undertaking is an attitude of confidence. This is particularly true in golf, because the player must depend on their own efforts to produce a desired result or effect. Confidence is not something that can be assumed. It is not something a person can wrap around themself as they would a cloak.

Confidence is a state of mind that can only be developed through thought and study. When someone thinks a thing through, so that they thoroughly understands it from every angle, then they have gained a knowledge of that thing. It is a knowledge of what is required, how to do what is required, and most important, that they themselves can perform what is required. Once this is accomplished, confidence is theirs. Demonstrations of their ability to produce the desired results will cultivate more confidence in the person, and therefore it can be retained indefinitely.

Confidence, therefore, is the result of knowledge, and knowledge, as far as golf is concerned, is of three phases— what to do, how to do it, and proving to yourself that you can consistently produce the desired result. Until you prove it to yourself, you can never have the confidence necessary for a good performance. In this respect, you can fool a lot of people, but you can’t fool yourself. The only way confidence can be acquired is through thought, study and practice.

Once confidence is developed, relaxation is a natural consequence of it. Relaxation is a prime requisite in any physical endeavor, but it comes only through confidence. In a game such as golf, where judgment, direction, a delicacy of swing on short shots, and a speed of motion on power shots are necessary, the successful performer must always be at ease and relaxed.

There are two types of relaxation in golf. One is the strictly muscular type, the kind that depends upon the mechanics of the physical movements that constitute the swing. The other is mental relaxation, the proper frame of mind, and it develops from the confidence we have been discussing. Of course, if the physical mechanics are incorrect, no amount of urging, no amount of practice, is going to do any good. But when one knows what to do and how to do it, and when the physical aspects of the swing are correct, then progress can be made.

In all physical performances, there are certain levels of learning, just as there are grades in school. It is the same in golf. Each phase is a natural, orderly sequence of development. Confidence and relaxation are two things all good golfers must acquire.”

Something to think about – literally!

The take away from this article is simple – we need to begin our quest to improve golf swing performance in our mind.

Our mental state holds the key to better golf swing mechanics, swing patterns and games. Take the necessary steps to develop a better mind set with which to approach to your golf game and watch the quality of your swings improve exponentially!

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