Improve Golf Swing Performance – Try Swinging Backwards!

Learning to swing your club backwards can help improve golf swing performance?


The perfect swing is a fluid and balanced motion regardless if you swing the club forward or backwards.

To improve golf swing performance golfers need to control their swing axis and swing plane. This control can only come from an evenly balanced force couple relationship – the ability to swing with equal force in either direction.

In the book, “Golf Can be An Easy Game” author Joe Novak explains how learning to swing the club both forward and backward keep us from becoming “lopsided” swingers.

Novak writes;

“There is no reason why golf cannot be played left-handed just as well and efficiently as it can be played righthanded.

We have emphasized the fact that a golf stroke is an ambidextrous action—that the first lesson in golf, foot¬work, is a lesson that will teach a person to become right-handed. They must learn to balance themselves on their right foot so that they can raise the club using the right side and the right arm. To bring the club through they have to train themselves to become left-handed, to shift their weight to their left foot, so that they can use their left side and their right arm to bring the club down and through the ball.

Actually a good golf swing requires an equal ability on both sides of the body. There are switch hitters in baseball, and there could be switch hitters in golf. But everybody does not feel this way about left-handed golf.

Incidentally, this trick of making a left-handed club out of a right-handed one is very useful should you get up against a tree or a fence from where you must play left-handed. Curiously, each iron as it is turned upside down provides exactly the same angle of loft as it does in its right-handed position.

There are many stories of players who started playing golf left-handed and improved their game after they changed and played right-handed. This is understandable. In fact, in right-handed golf a good strong active left-hand and arm are most necessary—and in left-handed golf a good strong right arm and right hand are most helpful, but in each case both hands must be used. There is, in other words, an ambidexterity that must be developed in both instances, in right-handed or in left-handed golf.

Who says you can’t switch hit in golf?

Early in this book we indicated that ambidexterity was the exception rather than the rule, and that the average person was more or less physically lopsided—they were either predominantly right-handed or predominantly left-handed. Medical authorities confirm this fact; however, there is nothing serious or detrimental about this situation. Everyone has the latent ability to be ambidextrous, but the inclination or tendency is to the contrary. In many cases simple exercises will rectify and cure this tendency or condition, and there is no finer exercise than a golf stroke that is properly executed to cure this lopsidedness.

For this reason, I recommend and urge most strongly junior golf activities and junior golf instruction. Properly coached, the junior golfer will develop a balanced physical set-up, one in which they will be able to use their right hand as well as the left or vice-versa, an ability that will be most helpful in any game and all future activities.

In the junior golf classes which I conduct, after teaching the youngsters the routine of the golf swing, I make them do it left-handed.

This is done long before they are permitted to hit golf balls. The purpose, of course, is to have them actually know the golf swing, and be able to do it forwards and backwards—just as is often done in school when learning the alphabet.

To return to the original discussion, I would again like to state that golf can be played right-handed or it can be played left-handed, but whatever way you play, don’t try to do it one-handed—learn to use both hands—it will be easier, more effective and more fun!”

To improve golf swing performance golfer’s should practice swinging both forward and backward! This helps to maintain a balanced swing – creating a tight swing axis and swing plane.

Try implementing Joe Novak’s advice when practicing to improve golf swing performance.

Check back soon for more posts and tips to improve golf swing performance.

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