Golf Swing Tips – Swing Confidence – Can Swing Psychology Overcome Swing Physics?

In today’s page on golf swing tips we have a post on confidence and its ability to affect our golf swing and golf game.

Author Peter G. Cranford Ph.D., in his book, “The Winning Touch in Golf, A Psychological Approach discusses confidence – offering advice on how to develop, maintain and make the best use of it on your golf game!

Cranford writes;

“Golf is a doubly difficult game because you must conquer both physical and psychological problems. One of the latter is how to gain confidence.
Confidence is not something that can be created out of thin air. No amount of confidence will get a ball into the hole if it is improperly stroked. A scared golfer with a good stroke will not play as well as they can, but they will still defeat the confident golfer who has nothing else to back themselves up. Psychology cannot overcome physics. Feelings of confidence are deceptive.

True confidence is not a permanent possession. It will deteriorate in the presence of continued failure. The best method for the development of confidence is to over-learn.

Over-learning leads to successful play. Successful play leads to confidence. Confidence leads to more successful play.

A feeling of confidence is beneficial because confidence and fear do not exist simultaneously, and fear is the great destroyer of shots. Fear is destructive because it tends to activate muscles which should not be used. Fear also tends to prevent movements of other muscles which should be used. This results in shots pulled off line, shots that are hit “fat” and shots that are topped. Fear makes one stupid. Fear will cause you to ignore the computations you have made and, at the last instant, you will decide to “hit the ball a little harder.” Fear will cause you to draw back from the ball as you hit it—like the pulled punch in boxing—and the shot will fall short. In short, fear is generally disastrous.

The cocky, unafraid player has the advantage, unpalatable as this idea is to most of us.

The moral is that absolute confidence is no guarantee of success. To be cocky without cause is better than to be fearful without cause, but both
attitudes are faulty, since they are unrealistic and do not conform to the true facts. The best attitude in the long run is to be as coldblooded a calculator as possible with no self-delusions. The best antidotes for fear in golf are first to over-learn, and then to do what you fear until you become accustomed to it.”

Understanding the role confidence plays in our game could be the best golf swing tip of all!

Confidence in your game will help eliminate your psychological fears and in doing so help eliminate your unnecessary golf swing errors.

Check back soon for more golf swing tips and posts to improve your golf swing and golf game!

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