Golf Swing Tip – From Bad to Worse – Knowing the Limits of a Golf Swing Tip!

Golfers are quick to adopt a golf swing tip promising a fast remedy to their swings fault.

Following the advice of a random golf swing tip has its potential draw backs.

Golfers must remember any and every swing adjustment has both direct and indirect implications on their overall swing pattern. It is a total tradeoff for better or worse!

There exists a method of properly introducing a golf swing tip into the swing mechanics – minimizing the potential of triggering additional errors.

In the book, “The Winning Touch in Golf, A Psychological Approach” author Peter G. Cranford, Ph.D. offers such a golf swing tip.

Cranford writes;

“In trying to overcome an error, a person is apt to accept whatever remedy produces the quickest good results. This often means another error to compensate for the first. As an illustration, a golfer who is slicing will often change their grip by putting their right hand further under the club. But it may be that the slicing is caused by the stance or hip action. They now have two faults instead of one, though they may well correct their slice, and they have made it more difficult to hold on to their game, since there is a probable mathematical limit of improvement for each form and for each combined group of “compensatory” adjustments. Also, with such a compensatory adjustment, what is gained in direction is lost perhaps in power or touch—an additional weakness for which some other compensatory adjustment must be worked out, which in turn breeds other weaknesses.

The answer is that compensatory adjustments should be made within the orthodox limits unless there is a physical handicap. A grip or swing that you are accustomed to can stand slight changes only. Greater changes involve too much relearning. To prevent extreme compensatory adjustments, get outside help.

If the error is comparatively minor, a good way to make the correction is to do so gradually to prevent overcompensation; otherwise a slice may turn into an equally disastrous hook“.

Depending on how it’s introduced into the swing pattern, a golf swing tip can potentially correct or multiply swing errors.

Use Cranford’s professional advice to properly incorporate a worthy tip into a winning swing!

Check back soon for more golf swing tip articles and posts!

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