Golf Swing Tip – Do You Need to Waggle & Forward Press?

There’s a golf swing tip or two floating around every golf course and club house.

Some tips are quite valuable and vital to shaping a successful golf swing yet other tips are just worthless and unnecessary.

Take for instance a golf swing tip on the waggle or the forward press.

Some golfers perform both acts as a prelude to their backswing, other golfers just one and still other neither!

So what is the official consensus on this golf swing tip?

In the book, “The Master Key to Success at Golf” author Leslie King provides professional advice on the importance and usefulness these two actions play in performing a successful backswing.

King writes;

“You are now properly set up alongside the ball in a position from which to commence the first operation in swinging the club (in this instance a driver, although when giving personal instruction I like to start a pupil with a five iron.)

Obviously if you are gripping the club correctly and standing ideally to the ball you are giving yourself a real chance at the outset to shape a sound backswing.

And there are two further preliminaries to be considered before coming to the actual backswing. These are the waggle and the forward press, both of them largely matters of individuality, neither of them to be overdone.

In modern times the waggle has become something of a misnomer among the top players. Fewer and fewer nowadays waggle the club head in the manner of their predecessors of the hickory shaft age.

The object of the waggle is to ensure flexibility in the wrists, get the feel of the club head, make the hands active, and break down tension. Overdone it can have entirely the reverse effect in each case.

Two or three smooth unhurried passes to and from the ball along the intended line of flight with the left hand and wrist in control is all that is usually necessary.

Now for the forward press. This is a slight thrust forward of the right knee and the hands immediately before the commencement of the backswing. If it is natural and instinctive, I say by all means carry on.

However, I never try to build a forward press into the action of a pupil who does not do it instinctively. For one thing to do so would be to introduce another movement and one, moreover, which entails a change of direction when the club is drawn back. We are compelled to change direction when we reach the top of the swing and that is a difficult enough operation for many players.

In any event the main value of the forward press is that it brings the flexed right knee forward and in towards the ball, something you have already done in taking up the position at address which I have outlined.

My advice on these two preliminaries is this. Waggle simply and smoothly and not for too long. Do not worry about the forward press unless it is an action which comes naturally.”

The above professional golf swing tip offers great insight into whether you should perform the waggle and forward press prior to commencing your backswing.

Try incorporating King’s advice in your next swing practice session.

Check back soon for more golf swing tip articles and posts!

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