Golf Swing Mechanics – Keeping It Simple for Greater Distance & Direction!

Many golfers have a difficult time mastering golf swing mechanics.

For some golfers, it seems, the more they practice their golf swing mechanics the more confusing their swing becomes.

This is because, left to their own devices, golfers have a tendency to make this process more complicated than it has to be.

Let’s remember to always keep golf swing mechanics simple.

In his book, “Golf Can Be an Easy Game”, author Joe Novak offers some useful advice on how to approach the sometimes illusive topic of golf swing mechanics. He explains to best manage golf swing mechanics, golfers need to narrow their focus of attention to two items, the body action and the hands.

Novak writes;

“Let’s consider golf from the positive standpoint, and from this positive standpoint simplicity and conclusiveness can and will be reached.

The first point of understanding that one must have in regard to golf is that various clubs were designed and added to the golfer’s bag in order to automatically produce different shots or different effects. Having these different clubs reduces the game to the simple task of using the same swing on each and every club.

If the player has a good swing they will play well; if they have a bad swing they will play badly. The perfect golf swing is something that is basically done with the body. Naturally, the arms and hands enter into a golf swing most importantly, but the actual swing of the club, the actual movement of the club, is done with a movement that originates in the body.

Bobby Jones, the great golfer, once expressed it as follows: “My golf swing is a something that starts within me.” I thoroughly agree with this notion—that the golf swing starts within the player—it is a something that is done with the body.

However, in every golf stroke there are two swings: an upswing and a downswing. The upswing is accomplished by using the right side of the body, and the downswing is done by using the left side of the body, and therein lies a catch.

To use the right side the player must be balanced with their weight on their right foot. To use their left side they must be balanced on their left foot. And this is the first lesson in golf. A player cannot use their body any better than they can shift or transfer their weight to the right foot, so that the upswing can be made with the right side, and then back to the left foot so that the downswing can be made with the left side.

Once the player has learned to handle their weight so that the right side can be utilized to raise the club to the top of the swing, and the player has learned to reshift their weight to the left foot so that the left side can be utilized to pull the club down into and through the ball, they will be in a position to learn lesson 2, the only other lesson they have to learn.

Lesson 2 pertains to the hands.

As the player swings the club up and down, they will soon discover that there is a need to keep the club in the proper position as it is being swung up and swung down. This keeping the club in position is something that is done with the hands, but they can never be utilized to perform this important function unless the player has first established the ability to use their body as the basic means of motivating the club.

That, in a nutshell, is what the golf swing is all about. Just as there are two basic requirements to every golf shot —distance and direction—so, likewise, are there two things to learn. First, a sense of body control and body action with which to swing and motivate the club, and it is with this that the power or force in a golf shot is determined and controlled. Second, the direction of a golf shot is regulated and determined by the position of the club as it contacts the ball, and this club position is something that is created and controlled by the action of the hands.

Actually, this business of club position is the crux of each and every shot in golf. As the club is positioned, so the ball flies”.

Mastering golf swing mechanics does not have to be a troublesome and complicated process.

Try using Novak’s advice to help you gain a working command over your golf swing mechanics.

Check back soon for more tips and posts to help improve your golf swing mechanics!

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