Golf Setup – Pitching Shots vs Full Swing

I’m convinced that the golf setup is so important for chipping, let alone pitching. This is where it has to be just perfect, when you’re all ready to pull that trigger.

So, let’s go over the golf setup step by step, so the next time you go out you’ll have a better idea how to stand to the golf ball.

If you’re wanting to pitch the golf ball up, you take a lofted golf club with you; okay, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, or any of your wedges.

The second thing in the golf setup, is that the ball doesn’t have to go right in the middle of your stance. If you’ve been struggling, put it in the middle of your stance. But if you want to hit it a little softer and higher, you could put it just a hair forward in your stance.

So, you now have the ball position from center to just forward.

The next part is put 60%, 70% of your weight on your left leg, and when you do that push the handle over.

Now, that’s how simple it is: ball in the middle, a little bit of weight on your left leg, maybe 70%, and then push the handle over.

What that’s going to do, and here’s the tip of all tips. When you start your backswing, make sure that your arms start back, but don’t slide your body. This will make you hit the ground behind it, top it, or skull it over the green.

So, again, weight on the left leg, the handle’s on the left side. Let the arms go away from you without your body moving.

This golf setup will enable you to hit down on it a little bit and not up on it where you would skull it.

Pitching Shots vs Full Swing

There is a big difference between the golf swing basics of pitching the golf ball in and around the edges of the green, over bunkers, over little trees, over a pond, 30 yards, 20 yards, 40 yards, and the golf swing basics of hitting your full pitch shot swing.

Whenever I’m talking about chipping and pitching, I’m talking about golf shots that are in and around the green. If I’m not talking about that, then I’m talking about your full swing.

The technique to hit to the green in front of you is ball in the middle, weight left, handle forward. And it’s an arm swing.

Now, if you want to hit a full wedge shot, it will go way over the green.

With the 90-yard swing, you can see a difference with your golf swing basics at address. Your body turns, your shoulders turn, which moves the weight a little bit over to the right side, and the arms swing up and down.

As you start to bring the golf club back, your shoulders start to turn and your weight moves backwards a little bit. That’s a full golf swing.

And the 40-yard pitch shot is a big difference in the two swings. One, the 100-yard wedge was just like the driver swing, but with a wedge in your hand. The pitch shot is a miniature little tiny golf swing that you don’t move any weight to your right side.

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