Beginner Golf Swing Instruction – The Short Irons

In beginner golf swing instruction programs students are taught the importance of having a strong short iron game. Students learn that short irons are instrumental in both salvaging errant tee shots and setting up high percentage putts.

Beginner golf swing instruction programs know students well versed in using the short irons – irons number 7, 8, 9 and the wedge – will have the greater advantage in any golf game – allowing them to play their most successful and consistent rounds.

In the book, “How to Master the Irons, An Illustrated Guide to Better Golf”, authors Gene Littler and Don Collett offer the student golfer some basic but useful information regarding the short irons and their role in the golfers game.

They write;

“The short irons are the offensive weapons in your arsenal of golfing shots. They are the clubs which you use to attack a golf course, to set up those all-important birdies for low-scoring rounds, and to help get you out of trouble when your tee shots stray off line.

The short irons are the numbers seven, eight, and nine, and the wedge. Although distances for these clubs vary with a golfer’s degree of skill and strength, the average distance for the average golfer, say for a seven-iron, is about 140 yards. For an eight-iron, it would be 130 yards, and so on down. A strong player will get about 10 yards more per club than will the average player, but it is well to remember that you have a maximum, medium, and minimum range for each iron through the short and medium irons, particularly the short irons. Every golfer should make an effort to learn his maximum distance for each iron club. This can be accomplished by practicing and experimenting with all of your iron clubs.

Using The Short Irons

The swing for the short irons is considerably more upright than for other iron and wood shots. This is because of the length of the clubshaft, which requires you to stand closer to the ball, and the open stance that is employed for the short irons.

In playing these irons, the wrists are broken, or cocked, much sooner on the backswing than they are when you are swinging the longer-shafted clubs. This forces you to hit down and through the ball with a crisp, hitting action with the arms and hands.”

Beginner golf swing instruction programs know a working knowledge of short iron play adds tremendous value to the student golfer’s game.

Student golfers who learn to master the short irons will add a new, valuable dimension to their golf game.

Check back soon for more tips and posts on beginner golf swing instruction to help you master your irons!

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