Beginner Golf Swing Instruction – The Right Way to Think About Your Shot!

Beginner golf swing instruction programs teach their students to use visualization techniques prior to performing their shot. This helps the golfer get a mental image of the shot before they perform their swing.

Student golfers however, forget that the visualization process should end BEFORE they execute their swing. Many students continue the imaging process throughout their entire swing pattern.

Beginner golf swing instruction programs know this can ruin a golfer’s swing and shot, creating unnecessary distractions that jolt confidence in both the golfer’s judgment and ability.

In the book, “The Master Key to Success at Golf” author Leslie King offers valuable insight into the correct way to approach the imagery process.

King writes;

“If you took a golf ball in your hand and tossed it up on to the green from, say, twenty or thirty yards, you would make a simple, effortless movement. There would be no sharp jerk such as a small child with no familiar feel imparts to the action when he first attempts to throw a ball. The adult, whether he plays golf or not, instinctively knows better.

You as a golfer will apply the same simple principles to the tossing of a golf ball on to the green from the face of a lofted club instead of from the hands. The main difference in depositing the ball on to the green with a golf club is that you need the control which is derived from the correct left arm action.

I will act as your caddie as you walk up to play a pitch to a green thirty or forty yards away. Together we study the ground and take into account the conditions, hard or soft, any fall or rise on the way to the green. There may be a bunker jutting across our direct route to the hole-side. We take note of it but are not frightened by it. With these points in mind we make our assessment. How far will the ball run when pitched on a selected spot? Our joint, but not lengthy, deliberations give YOU a clear mental picture of the shot you require to play, and how the ball will behave if you play it well and be it noted firmly. Tentative approach shots pay no dividends.

The shot demands firmness and resolution…

You are ready to play the stroke which is now pictured in your mind. This mental picture of where the ball will be dropped to coast up to the hole enables you to develop a “feel” of the length of the stroke as you prepare yourself to play it. Only one thing remains. Play the shot without further deliberation and with conviction.

You must now back your judgment. It is fatal to allow yourself to become prey to last-second doubts. Let no fear of failure enter your mind. Watch the ball and then look momentarily at the spot where the ball lay before allowing your head to turn slowly with the easing off of the arms in the unchecked finish. Uncertainty will mean that you either hurry the stroke in a belated endeavor to pitch the ball further up to the hole or you quit on it through a last split-second feeling that you need to drop it shorter.

In either case you have distorted the delivery of the club head to the ball. This is weakness. Make up your mind to go ahead with the stroke you have pictured. To change the picture half-way is out of the question.

Practice these vital approach shots, which open up the prospect of a birdie every time they are properly judged and correctly executed. Indeed practice in this type of shot can be doubly beneficial. You will develop a greater accuracy and confidence in your ability to attack the hole by firm, not diffident stroke-making. And by making the correct movement away from, back to, and through the ball in this compact stroke you will consolidate your action in the hitting area consolidation which will spread into your playing of the longer clubs.”

Beginner golf swing instruction programs know the value imagery can provide to a successful golf game.

Try incorporating King’s advice into your pre-swing visualization process.

Check back soon for more beginner golf swing instruction posts and tips!

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