Beginner Golf Swing Instruction – Learn to Correctly Pivot from the Hips – The Easy Way!

In beginner golf swing instruction programs student golfers have a difficult time learning to bridge the gap between their theoretical and practical understandings of the golf swing.

Student golfers must remember that, in practice, the golf swing is learned completely through sense and feel. Student golfers must sense what movements in their golf swing feel right and what feel wrong.

Beginner golf swing instruction programs recognize how challenging this learning process is to the student golfer. To help accelerate the process, beginner golf swing instruction programs often use imagery techniques to help their students better “translate” the golf swing theory into practice.

In his book, “On Learning Golf”, author Percy Boomer offers greater insight into this method of instruction.

Boomer writes;

“Too much thought about the mechanics is a bad thing for anyone’s game. Now the reason why golf is so difficult is that you have to learn it and play it through your senses. You must be mindful but not thoughtful as you swing. You must not think or reflect; you must feel what you have to do. Part of the difficulty arises because, apart from simple things like riding a bicycle, we have never learned to do things in this way.
The most difficult thing about learning golf is to learn to distract your mind from everything except the feeling of what you are about to perform.
Now no teacher can tell you in exact words how it feels when you make a certain movement correctly. You will have to use your imagination to interpret what they say, and if they are wise they will encourage you to use it.
Let me give you an example. I want to teach you to pivot from the hips. Now I can show you how it is done and issue the usual mass of detailed instruction, but that does not call up your imagination and it gives you no conception of how it feels to pivot correctly.
So, instead of explaining all the mechanical and anatomical details of the pivot to you, I show you how to pivot and then tell you to do it yourself imagining that you are standing in a barrel hip high and big enough to be just free of each hip but a close enough fit to allow no movement except the pivot. At once you get the feeling of the pivot. Incidentally nine out of ten golfers would improve their games if they would use this im¬age to the fullest degree in practice.
So far so good; we can learn to feel the body turn to the right and round to the left, beautifully fixed in space by the hips. Now carry the image a stage fur¬ther: first, as you pivot sink down from the knees—you will feel that if you sink down, even ever so little, you will become stuck in the barrel. This will not do, so you must feel that you keep your hips up on a level with the top of the barrel. Do this and you will develop the feel of keeping your hips up as you pivot—a thing which unfortunately for our golf very few of us do.
Now do not think that we use imagination in teach¬ing golf in order to evolve new theories. Oh no—there are too many theories already! What we use imagina¬tion for is to translate theory into feeling, and to keep our minds awake and our circle of golfing sensations expanding. Every new golfing sensation (if it is to be deliberately induced and not left to happen by acci¬dent) may need an introduction through the imagina¬tion in this way—but once the image has done its work of introduction it can be put on one side and the feel that it has made known can be relied on. But put your images on one side—do not abandon them, because if you do lose the feel, the image through which you learned it will bring it back
Now the golf swing is a connected series of sensa¬tions or feels and when you get all these feels right and rightly connected you will swing perfectly. I have just given you the feel of the pivot—the movement on which the modern swing is based.”

Beginner golf swing instruction programs know how difficult it is to teach their students golf swing sense and feel. They understand how incredibly helpful the use of imagery can be to the student golfer’s educational process.
Try using Percy Boomer’s barrel imagery technique to better learn the correct sense and feel of pivoting from the hips.
Check back soon for more beginner golf swing instruction posts and tips!

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