Beginner Golf Swing Instruction – Follow Up on Your Follow Through!

Some novice golfers leave their beginner golf swing instruction programs assuming that a proper backswing and downswing ensures a correct follow through and finish.

These golfers assume that the follow through phase of the golf swing is merely a technique which brings their swing mechanics to a close and decelerates the golf club.

Neither of these assumptions is correct.

What some novice golfers fail to take away from their beginner golf swing instruction is this; the follow through is more than just a component of swing mechanics and motion – it actually affects the flight of their ball!

Below is a great piece to help those in beginner golf instruction better understand the relationship between the follow through and ball flight.

It is from author Leslie King’s book, “The Master Key to Success at Golf”.

King writes;

“The follow-through and finish I regard as integral parts of the swing which do not entirely look after themselves even though the backswing and downswing have been well carried out.

Remember that the ball at impact spreads on the face of the club as it is compressed by the momentum of the club at AND AFTER impact. Therefore any deviation or impediment of the club head in the follow-through must affect the flight of the ball, when it does part company with the club-face.

It is frequently claimed that the follow-through and finish reflect what has taken place in the earlier stages of the swing. True enough up to a point, but many a shot has been ruined by a fault being allowed to creep in after impact.

We often hear even an experienced and competent player remark after a shot has been mis-hit: “I wasn’t sure I’d clubbed myself right. I quit on the stroke for fear of going through the green.”

In this case the backswing and the downswing may well have been perfectly executed. The stroke fell below one hundred per cent solely because they slightly broke the power, and with it the control, as the club head went through with the ball or even before. You see, the club head flies through the hitting area (that part of the arc a few feet each side of the ball) in a fractionally split second, and any irresolution or subconscious inclination to ease off on the shot frequently begins to take effect before the player realizes it.”

Sometimes the importance of both the follow through and finish are misunderstood by the student in their beginner golf swing instruction program.

Beginner golfers must remember to practice this phase of their golf swing as much as they practice the others.

Put this and our other posts on beginner golf swing instruction to use in your practice routines!

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