Beginner Golf Swing Instruction – Balance and Weight Shift

Beginner golf swing instruction programs clearly explain to their students the importance of having proper balance and weight shift when performing their golf swing.

Beginner golf swing instruction programs know those students who truly learn to master these two essential swing components will improve their game with greater speed and success than those students who do not. The reason being, without proper balance and weight shift during the swing a golfer’s swing axis, swing plane, and clubface angle at impact will be negatively affected.

There exists, however, some confusion among student golfers as to what constitutes proper balance and weight shift.

In the book, “Golf Can Be an Easy Game”, author Joe Novak offers some perspective and instruction to golfers on proper balance and weight shift.

Novak writes;

“…there is a very common belief among golfers that they are balanced for a golf shot when their weight is evenly divided between both feet.

Nothing could be further from the truth and nothing can be more harmful in golf than this idea.

On the very basic matter of balance, it is common knowledge that a left-handed person’s left foot is larger than his right foot and, conversely, a right-handed person’s right foot is larger than his left foot. This all comes about because a left-handed person will usually stand on their left foot, because in this way they balances themselves so that they can use their left hand and arm more easily—and for the same reason, a right-handed person usually stands on their right foot.

…One final thought on this matter of weight and balance and subsequent righthandedness or lefthandedness. If a person is terribly righthanded or terribly lefthanded, they are lopsided, one-handed, not ambidextrous and not ready and in position. They are not ready for the simple reason that they are not balanced for action, and they cannot balance themselves for action because they do not have the necessary footwork to do so.

Do not walk up to a golf ball and plant both feet solidly on the ground with weight evenly divided, because you will be really locking up and thereby destroying all chance of an easy, natural swing.

All good golfers change their weight from their left foot to the right foot with a distinctive one-two move, also called a zig-zag movement. The first move of this one-two action is so common that it has a name. This is the forward press.”

Beginner golf swing instruction programs understand the important role proper balance and weight shift play in performing a successful swing pattern.

They recognize these two movements as essential components to a winning golf swing and golf game.

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