Beginner Golf Swing Instruction – An Easy Exercise to Develop a Smooth, Consistent & Powerful Swing!

Beginner golf swing instruction programs organize their lessons into simple, practical, easy to apply and understand sessions.

This helps student golfers grasp swing fundamentals with greater speed and success.

Beginner golf swing instruction programs know a smooth, consistent swing motion can only result from correct use of the body and arms. For some student golfers however, learning to properly incorporate this body/arm action into the swing pattern can be challenging.

To aid their students in learning this swing action, beginner golf swing instruction programs often inject ingenious exercises and techniques into the lesson plan – each designed to produce and reproduce proper motion in the swing pattern.

In the book, “How to Master the Irons, an Illustrated Guide to Better Golf”, authors Gene Littler and Don Collett offer some beginner golf swing instruction of their own. They explain a simple swing exercise which teaches golfers how to properly use the body to generate “terrific” swing power!

They write;

“One of the best methods I have found of developing a smooth, consistent swing is an exercise most golfers use when they warm up before playing a round of golf. It is a simple little maneuver designed to train a golfer to entrust their swing to their arms and body instead of their hands. Begin by assuming the position of address, and make certain that you are comfortable and relaxed. Then, with the upper part of your arms and elbows in close to your chest, turn your body back so that the arms are about belt high. The left shoulder and left arm are highly instrumental in this turning movement, with both the shoulder and the arm forming a pushing-back type of action.

Next, swing the arms forward until they are about belt high in front of you, making certain that the lower part of the body—the left hip and left leg-initiate the forward swing, as the arms are swung out toward an imaginary target. The right hand also turns over the left hand as the arms are swung forward. Perform this swing back and forth for a few moments, letting your left knee and right elbow flex on the backswing and then your right knee and left elbow on the follow-through. You will soon get the feeling that you are swinging with your legs and hips and that your body is swinging the club. This creates the feeling of the one-piece swing that all of the good players have and talk about.

This swing exercise also emphasizes a feeling that you should have when performing a full swing: that of having your body generating the power and your hands applying it, at the last possible second, with a whip-like action of the wrists and hands. If you have entrusted your swing movements to your body and arms, the hands will automatically lash out and whip the club-head through the ball with terrific accelerating speed“.

Beginner golf swing instruction programs use exercises designed to teach golfers how to properly use their body to produce a smooth, consistent and powerful swing pattern.

Try incorporating Littler and Collett’s swing exercise into your practice routine.

Check back soon for more beginner golf swing instruction articles and posts to help quickly improve your golf swing and game!

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