Beginner Golf Swing Instruction – A Simple Putting Exercise!

Beginner golf swing instruction programs know it is the short shots which either make or breaks the golfer’s game.

Beginner golf swing instruction programs also know, of the short game departments, putting is probably the golfer’s least confident play.

This is strange considering the fact that golfers spend a great portion of their practice time hitting putts!

Don’t fall into this trap!

Take some beginner golf swing instruction from the book, “The Master Key to Success at Golf” by author Leslie King. In the book King offers simple putting techniques to incorporate into your practice routine to help accelerate the learning curve.

King writes;

“I have observed that one way to build up confidence on the greens is to feel that you are striking the ball correctly. Here is a novel exercise which will enable you to check on the accuracy of your striking and help in the development of a firm putting stroke.

Place a new ball on a firm, even piece of carpet some three to four feet from the wall. Against the wall place a solid block with a hard smooth surface a heavy glass paper-weight or a smooth tiled hearth border will do but ensure that it is at right-angles to the carpet. Putt the ball against the paper-weight or whatever you have chosen, and if truly struck the ball will rebound and return to the centre of your putter-blade held in its follow-through position.

Side-spin will cause the ball to rebound at an angle. Back-spin will not give the ball sufficient impetus on the rebound to reach the putter-blade.

Finally a check to satisfy yourself that your eyes are directly above the ball in address. Hold the top of the shaft against the face between the eyes and it should hang directly above the ball if your head is properly positioned.”

Beginner golf swing instruction programs know the key to winning golf is a confident putting game.

Try incorporating King’s advice next time you’re practicing your putts!

Check back soon for more beginner golf swing instruction posts to help improve your golf game!

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