Beginner Golf Swing Instruction – 5 Easy Steps to Getting a Grasp on the Grip!

Students in beginner golf swing instruction programs have a difficult time learning how to correctly grip the club.

With the right instruction however, knowing how to correctly grip the club can be easily understood.

Beginner golf swing instruction programs use different methods and techniques to help their students properly grasp the grip!

Some beginner golf swing instruction programs use check lists and check points to assist their students in properly gripping the club at the address.

In the book, “How to Master the Irons, an Illustrated Guide to Better Golf”, authors Gene Littler and Don Collett provide some beginner golf swing instruction to help guide student golfers through to the correct grip.

They write;

“…check points concerning the grip are:

1. The V formed by the thumb and forefinger of the right hand should be pointing toward your right shoulder.

2. Pressure points of the right hand are the two middle fingers. They are the gripping fingers, while the forefinger and thumb provide the finesse and feel of the grip.

3. Position the right forefinger (as noted above) so that it points directly toward the target and intended line of flight during address.

4. The right-thumb position is on the left side of the shaft—not straight down the shaft.

5. Do not allow more gripping pressure in the right thumb and forefinger than in the two middle fingers. The thumb and forefinger tend to “take over” too soon if they are in firm control of the swing during the backswing and early part of the downswing. They are the agents which help destroy your rhythm and timing, and they forcefully come into play only as the hands enter the hitting area.

All things considered, you must, create the feeling in molding a good grip that the hands are working as one. The closer you can come to this—and it“.

Beginner golf swing instruction programs use different methods and techniques to help their students get a grasp on the grip!

Use Littler and Collett’s checklist as a guide to help you properly grip the golf club.

Check back soon for more beginner golf swing instruction articles and posts to help quickly improve your golf swing and game!

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