Beginner Golf Instruction – Does Your Practice Session Suffer From an Iron Deficiency?

Let’s start our beginner golf instruction post with a question.

Why, in the golf bag, are there more irons than any other type of club?

It isn’t by chance or coincidence.

The irons make up the most versatile set of clubs in the golfer’s arsenal and any beginner golf instruction program should include lessons on how to maximize the potential of these clubs.

In the book, “How to Master the Irons, an Illustrated Guide to Better Golf”, authors Gene Littler and Dan Collett both believe that in any beginner golf swing instruction program, sufficient time should be devoted to learning these clubs.

They both feel mastering the irons can truly accelerate the success curve of all beginner golfers.

Littler writes;

“I can give no better advice to the novice golfer than to practice with the irons at every opportunity. Do it intelligently, with patience and persistence, and the time spent doing it will be well rewarded.

This is not to suggest that you should neglect the other phases of your game. You should strive to perfect all of your shots, but the point I wish to make here is that you should divide your time and not spend it all trying to knock the cover off the ball with a driver. If you stop to consider the fact that under the rules of golf you are allowed a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag—generally 4 woods, 9 irons, and a putter—then the mere ratio of these clubs would dictate that you spend the greatest share of your time practicing iron shots. There is versatility in these clubs, and you must find and develop that versatility to the greatest degree of skill possible. Since you have a maximum, medium, and minimum range for your short and medium irons, you should learn these ranges and variations of the iron swing so that you can become a better golfer.

You must, of course, have the desire and inclination to want to improve. A sense of pride will inspire most golfers to take lessons and work on their weak points, and I am sure that ninety-nine out of a hundred players have the desire and time to accomplish this work. The only drawback is that they do not fit this desire and time together at a common meeting place, namely, the practice tee.

For beginner golf swing instruction, time spent learning the irons is time well spent.

Beginner golf swing instruction should teach the novice golfer to understand the importance and versatility these clubs possess.

Master the irons and you’ll master your golf game!

Check back soon for more beginner golf swing instruction.

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