How To Squat For Power

1) How To Squat For Power

There are certain techniques that pro golfers weekend golfers you shouldn’t use. The reason: Weekend golfers lack the athleticism to use them. On the other hand, there are certain techniques that pro golfers make that weekend golfers can—and should—copy. Squatting for power is one.

Many pro golfers make this move to add yards to their drives. It’s Tiger Woods signature move and a key reason he’s able to drive the ball a ton. Here are seven keys to making an effective power squat:

1. Squeeze your shoulder blades

2. Keep your arms near your body

3. Drop your hands straight down

4. Turn your hips to the left

5. Flex the knees slightly

6. Throw your arms past the ball

7. Point your right shoulder at the target Once your set up, flex your knees slightly and move your weight over the balls of your feet.

Then, squeeze your shoulder blades together and relax your neck muscles, encouraging your arms to extend naturally. Keep your arms close to your body as you go into your backswing and rotate your left arm as you near the top. At the top, keep your torso turned by the same amount as you start to pivot your hips toward the target. This sends your torque sky-high. Flex your knees downward ever so slightly, as if you were going to sit down.

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