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In searching for the best golf swing tips we came across this amazing article by Jim Tucker of The Courier-Mail in Australia.

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“Lost vision no handicap for golfer David Fox who has hit a hole in one”
• by Jim Tucker
• From: The Courier-Mail
• May 31, 2010 8:45PM

FOUR years after an errant golf ball cost him the sight in his left eye, Nudgee Golf Club’s David Fox is revelling in his first hole-in-one.

He may need sensors on his car to park without incident before each round, yet his “steering” with a club in his hand has never been better.

Incredibly, the same Rescue club he swung when his ball took a cruel ricochet in 2006 is the one he used to ace the 11th hole at Nudgee recently.

“I was never the person to moan ‘Why me?’ when I lost my eye because I was lucky there was no more permanent damage,” the Nudgee Golf Club finance director said.

“I dropped a ball in haste that was too close to a solid wooden hazard marker, flushed the shot and the ball came back at me just as quickly.

“It split my eyeball like a tomato and I lost the lens and retina in the surgeries that followed.”

Fox, now 59, has played the game he loves for 40 years and never gave a thought to quitting golf.

“You play the ball as it lies,” he said. “I couldn’t wait to get back on the course. To now get that hole-in-one is just fantastic.”

He struck the ball 160m into the breeze and thought a hole-in-one so unlikely he searched for the ball beyond the green at first.

“You should have heard the noise. I’m sure they heard me all over the course,” he laughed.


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