Draining Breaking Downhill Putts

1) Draining Breaking Downhill Putts

Has this ever happened to you: You blew past the pin on a breaking downhill putt on one hole, then on the next breaking downhill putt, you leave it short. That’s because you probably were focusing on the hole, which can get you in trouble. Breaking downhill putts can intimidate you. But they don’t have to.

You can conquer them if you make a slight re-adjustment in your thinking and make some adjustments. Below are six keys to sinking slick downhill putts:

1. Forget about the hole

2. Read the slope carefully

3. Try envisioning the break

4. Identify the speed spot

5. Make a commitment

6. Use a nice rhythmic stroke The key to draining slick downhill putts that break is to forget about the hole.

Aiming for it increases your chances of blowing past the hole. Instead follow these steps: Start by walking halfway between the ball and the hole to get a sense of the green’s slope. Try envisioning how the ball will behave. Where it will break? How far will you need to hit the ball before the slope can carry it the rest of the way?

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