How To Drain 15-Footers

1) How To Drain 15-Footers

Alignment is a precursor to your shot. If you’re not aligned properly in the box or on the fairway, you’ll be away with your shot. The same holds true in putting—especially when it comes to mid-range putts. If your putterface points open just a degree left or right of your intended target on a 15-footer, you’ll miss the hole by three inches.

If you want to drain more 15-footers, aligning yourself to the hole is key. Below are six keys to a dead on alignment method:

1. Hold your putter with your dominant hand

2. Stand behind the ball with your putter

3. Walk to the ball holding your putter in one hand

4. Set the putter behind the ball

5. Keep your eyes on your line the entire time

6. Turn your eyes down to the ball If your read is right, you have a good chance of draining mid-range putts.

The best way to make sure your read is right is by aligning yourself with the hole. Start by taking the putter in your dominant hand. Then walk behind the ball to determine your line. Make sure you’re directly behind the ball. Now walk to the hole, holding the putter in your hand. Keep your eyes on your line.

Set your putter behind the ball and point the face at the target. Keeping your eyes on your line, take your stance and place your other hand on the grip. Once you’re settled in, turn your eyes down. Look at the hole to identify distance and pull the trigger. Once you set the putter down, don’t re-aim it. You’re already aligned it dead straight. Practice this method a few times to you nail it down. Once you do, it will help you drain more 15-footers.

2) Knock It Close From Ultra-Short Range

Normally, you shouldn’t break the game’s basics. But sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you must—such as when you have a decent lie in a greenside bunker and the hole is up close. If you can’t hit the ball high from the bunker, it will be hard to drop it close using your standard bunker shot. Instead, try this alternative.

Below are 7 keys to this shot:

1. Set up square to your target

2. Play the ball forward in your stance

3. Tilt your upper body away from target

4. Aim for an inch behind the ball

5. Keep your weight back at impact

6. Allow the club to pass under your hands In this situation your standard bunker shot calls for you to hit a cut shot.

This won’t work here. Instead, grab your lob wedge from the bag and set up square to the target, with the clubface pointing to your landing spot. Position the ball off your front heel and tilt your body away from the target. In addition, aim for a spot an inch behind the ball and keep your weight back as the club enters the sand.

You should feel like you’re slapping the club against the sand under the ball. As you swing the clubhead past your hands, don’t slap it to the left (right, if your left-handed). Your right hand should flip under your left, so that the club points straight up in your follow-through, not back behind you. The ball should come out high, like a flop shot, and drop near the hole. Normally, you shouldn’t disregard the fundamentals. But sometimes, you must.

Hitting a flop shot from a bunker is one of those times. This shot is worth trying if your bunker shots barely clear the bunker’s front lip, or you take too much sand when using a sand wedge and leave the ball in the bunker.

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