The Proper Golf Swing – Stay the Course! The “3 P’s” to a Proper Golf Swing!

Learning to execute a proper golf swing could take a lifetime, or two!

Many golfers try in vain to accelerate this learning process by incorporating useless or even worse confusing methods which deliver empty promises of overnight success.

A proper golf swing unfortunately is something which cannot be rushed, it follows no calendar. In order to make lasting progress it requires a golfer to be “Patient”, “Persistent” and to “Practice”.

Keeping “The Three P’s” in mind will better manage a golfer’s frustration level and maintain their interest in the game.

In the book, “The Master Key to Success at Golf” author Leslie King describes what he believes as the best approach to achieving a proper golf swing.

King writes;

“What is the point of curing a slice by planting the germ of a hook which erupts within the next few days? The wretched golfer, overjoyed at losing their slice, is soon in despair again as they struggle on the left-hand side of the course instead of the right.

Solving one problem by creating another simply adds to the pupil’s confusion and depresses their morale. It is NEGATIVE teaching which can never lead to lasting progress.

The method of instruction to be outlined in this book is not built upon a vague series of hit-or-miss experiments one or other of which may give temporary tidiness to a pupil’s game. My aim is a POSITIVE one to build a sound and lasting technique in which all the fundamentals which go to make consistent stroke-making are fitted together into one cohesive swing unit.

What precisely are these fundamental parts of the movement? How are they applied to the precise task of controlling and building up power in the club head?

Let me make it clear that I am not concerned with individual characteristics and mannerisms, only with common factors some of which were, and are, more distinctly demonstrated by one player than by another.

I am not prepared to waste time on gimmicks or smart tricks, and I will admit at once that I know of no short cut to success at this fascinating game. It demands hard work and practice before one even begins to master the precise art of delivering the centre of the club-face firmly and squarely to the back of the ball and on through along the line of flight.

There is positively no secret tip which can turn a mediocre player into a good one overnight. Yet there are players struggling vaguely along, pathetically looking out for this elixir of a new golfing life in the upper strata of the game.

There is no trick transition from rabbit to tiger class. Its theme will be the gradual shaping of a sound, smooth swing which, once acquired, will stand up under pressure if given the chance.

Such is my objective with every pupil who comes to me. I set out to implant in their mind a picture of the shape they need to acquire, taking them along, stage by stage, until they can sense the shape developing.

Let it be understood that I teach a definite method based on years of experience and proven principles. Various people have their own particular problems arising from characteristics of bone-structure and general build. I note these and prescribe accordingly. But the fundamentals laid down in this book will apply in the main to anyone capable of swinging a golf club through an arc.

The shaping of the swing is all-important. Once you have it keep it. Don’t bend it out of shape by tinkering. This is where many a better than average performer, in fact many a very good one, leads themselves still further off the rails when their game goes temporarily sour.

What happens? They look for a remedy all along the route of the movement everywhere but where they should look. Soon they are pushing the shape out of the swing.

Professionals, assistant professionals and leading amateurs, after striving in vain to recapture form in this groping fashion, come to my school for advice. It is at once clear to me that they have not given themselves a real chance. They have failed to dwell, as they should have done, on the matter of timing and consolidating the DELIVERY OF THE CLUB HEAD TO THE BALL“.

Shaping and developing a proper golf swing is not a quick and easy task!

Try keeping King’s perspective in mind next time your frustration levels try tricking you into believing the proper golf swing is impossible to achieve! Good things come to those who stay the course!

Check back soon for more articles and posts to help you achieve a proper golf swing!

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