The Proper Golf Swing – Putting Practice!

Golfers are on a perpetual quest to find the perfect and proper golf swing. This applies to all strokes of their game, from driving to putting. Finding it, however, requires the golfer to participate in endless and sometimes frustrating practice sessions.

Constant practice is the only way to learn proper golf swing patterns, as well as fix nagging swing flaws. Putting, in particular, is one department of play which many golfers find they need the most practice and instruction. Reason being that putting is a very difficult action, bringing its own unique set of problems and challenges to the golfer’s game.

Author Leslie King, in his book, “The Master Key to Success at Golf” provides valuable direction to help golfers achieve the proper golf swing in their putting play.

King writes;

“There remains something to be said about putting practice. Of course, it is one thing to knock the ball into the hole on the practice green and quite a different matter doing likewise under pressure out on the course…

…It is on the practice green that you work out your method of getting the ball into the hole, and it is there that you consolidate that method and acquire the initial confidence from striking the ball effectively with the putter-blade.

Practice putts of all lengths, but give your main attention to those from ten feet down. Don’t putt a succession of balls from the same spot. Vary the line by moving round the hole. You will find, too, that this way of going about the task is far less back-aching.

And before you go out on a serious round of golf, practice a few “tap-ins”. Yes, take your time and putt the ball into the hole from two feet to eighteen inches or even less.

Eighteen inches or less? Certainly. If you laugh this off now, you will soon be changing your attitude when you have missed one or two tiddlers with a card and pencil in your pocket…

…Putting shots must not be regarded as a mere formality. Practice them and be sure you are slow back from the ball, deliberate on the return movement, and that you make a point of seeing the right forearm pass the spot where the ball lay.

This last is all-important. It maintains the putter-blade square and on line through the ball and stops you looking up too soon.“

Engaging in a proper golf swing practice routine will help produce better putting play!

In his book, King offers some great direction to help take your putting game to a higher level!

Check back for more tips and posts on proper golf swing patterns and performance.

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