Improve Golf Swing Performance – The Secret to Stop Slicing Your Way Around The Course!

To improve golf swing performance, golfers must learn to swing the club “in to out”.

A swing pattern which travels “in to out” help’s the golfer better control ball trajectory – in turn improving golf swing performance and play.

Having a greater sense of how swinging the club “in to out” will improve golf swing performance may help the golfer better understand and grasp the concept itself.

In his book, “On Learning Golf”, author Percy Boomer offers some expert advice to help golfers improve golf swing performance. He explains how swinging the club “in to out” is the golfer’s best way of successfully managing both ball flight and run.

Boomer writes;

“This feeling of in-to-out is intimately connected with that other feeling…that of being set inwards and behind the ball. The long straight drive that covers the pin all the way is the result of a swing which you feel travels from in-to-out. This is what we all refer to as an in-to-out swing; a shot in which the club head does actually take this path (as distinct from being felt to take it) is only played by the first-class golfer when they want to put pull on the ball. And if you will think it out, that suggests why the in-to-out feeling is something that we teachers try to instill into every pupil.

The point being that, while an exaggerated in-to-out feel gives pull, the correct in-to-out feel gives straightness and no in-to-out feel (that is, the feeling that the club head goes along the line of flight) gives slice.

The advantage of the modern in-to-out swing is seen in both the flight and the run of the ball. Hit with the correct in-to-out feel, the ball is given the very minimum of backspin—consequently it “floats” through the air and, when it pitches, takes its natural spin forward, instead of kicking sideways as an undercut ball tends to do, as every lawn-tennis player knows.

To return to the subject of slice. The man who gave me my first job as a professional thirty-five years ago was the late H. L. Curtis—father of the present Pro at Queen’s Park, Bournemouth. He told me many years later that he was doubtful about giving me the job, but having done so he started me off with a very sound piece of advice. “Now laddie,” he said, “if you ever want to make good at this business, you had better find out how to teach people not to slice.”

Those were the days before in-to-out! Consequently few players could get any draw on the ball, and mainly we just sliced our way around the course. Well, it took me a good twenty years to learn to correct that natural tendency in my own game, and then I had to learn to pass it on to my pupils. For make no mistake, everyone has to be taught; it does not come naturally. In some respects teaching golf is like fighting the Devil“!

Improve golf swing performance by learning to correctly swing the club “in to out”!

Use Boomer’s professional instruction in your practice sessions.

Check back soon for more posts and tips to improve golf swing performance!

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