Improve Golf Swing – The 3 Basic Movements in a Winning Golf Swing

Golfers are constantly trying to improve golf swing performance.

From a farther drive to a more accurate putt – golfers are always looking to fine tune their swing pattern.

Though paved with good intentions, the road to improve golf swing performance can quickly become a confusing one. Golfer’s innocently make a few swing tweaks here, change a few things there and soon their swing becomes completely unrecognizable.

When aiming to improve golf swing performance golfers must remember not to lose sight of “the three basic feels of the golf swing”.

In the book, “On Learning Golf”, author Percy Boomer explains these three basic feelings and how they are the key fundamentals to a winning swing.

Boomer goes on to write;

“…the three basic feels of the golf swing—the pivot, the shoulders moving in response to the pivot, and the arms moving in response to the shoulders. These are the basic movements of a connected and therefore controlled swing, and they must all be built into the framework of your feel of the swing.

Of course there are many additional nuances and supplementary feels which you will build up and recognize as your game develops, but though you will add to these three fundamentals you will never alter them. Therein lies much of their value. You will get used to taking a sly look at them occasionally as you go round the course, and so long as you keep these three primary feels right, nothing much will go wrong with your game.

And if your game does go wrong, if the shots which you thought you had mastered desert you, all you need to do is to go back to the feel of these three basic points. You just take a peep back at them, and then with one or two shots your mechanism will feel familiar again— and all the other supplementary feels which you have built up by practice will be enticed back.“

Improve golf swing performance and move your game forward without losing your swing pattern!

Incorporate Boomer’s advice into your next practice session.

Check back soon for more posts and tips to improve golf swing performance!

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