Golf Swing Tip – Hey Student Golfers…Think You’re Ready for the Golf Course?

The following is a horrible golf swing tip – “The best way to learn the golf swing is on the golf course”.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This is analogous to first learning poker using real money in a real game. It’s simply not a good idea.

A better golf swing tip is this – “Don’t step on the course until you have developed a ‘reasonable’ swing pattern.”

But how do we know when a swing becomes a reasonable swing? We all know the word “reasonable” means different things to different people – so what do you do?

In the book, “Golf Can Be an Easy Game” author Joe Novak offers some simple and objective guidelines to help golfers determine what actually constitutes a “reasonable” golf swing. Following Novak’s advice will keep golfers from prematurely stepping on to the golf course until they are truly ready, saving them from unneeded frustration and unnecessary embarrassment – the best golf swing tip ever!

Novak writes;

“On numerous occasions pupils express a desire to be taken on the golf course where they feel they will learn more quickly.

This is a snare and a delusion. It is absolutely essential that a reasonably good swing be developed before the pupil be permitted on the golf course. A natural question at this point would be “what is meant by a reasonably good swing?” It simply means that the pupil should be well grounded in the three fundamental actions that constitute a golf swing.

The pupil should be able:

(a) to handle their weight so they can properly balance themselves on their right foot, from which point the upswing is made. They should be able to rebalance themselves on their left foot so that they can make the downswing and follow through.

(b) they should have a thorough understanding of how to cock or set the club into any of the three positions; in other words, they should have a sense of how the two hands work together to accomplish this important matter of club position, which is the basis of directional control in golf shots.

(c) the player should have the sense and ability of utilizing their body as the swing medium—using their body in that natural self-centering action—that two-way stretch which never takes one off the ball and gives the player the ability to make long powerful drives or short delicate chip shots and putts.

These three fundamental actions can only be developed by practice. The practice must be systematic and positive, and have a definite plan that will be stuck to without experiment or change.

Practice this plan—repeat it over and over until (a) footwork, (b) hand action, and (c) body action are synchronized into a smooth continuous action—an action in which you will have a definite idea of (a) where the club is, and (b) how forcibly or how delicately it is being applied to the ball.

Once a degree of proficiency is developed there is no club or department of the game that can give you any problems; golf can be an easy game because you will be the master in control of the club as you swing it.

Then and only then are you ready to go out on the course to play. Just as it takes practice to develop, create and establish a swing, it will require added practice to maintain and retain a satisfactory performance.”

Here is a golf swing tip worth following!

Review your golf swing using Novak’s guidelines. His advice could be the difference between you enjoying your golf game or not!

Check back soon for more golf swing tip articles and posts!

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