Golf Swing Basics – Good Iron Play For A Winning Golf Game

We all use our irons. Did you ever think about how important of a role iron shots play in a successful golf game?

Irons are the workhorses, in many ways the unsung heroes of our game.

We look to them at times simply to get us to the green but in other instances for help negotiating hazards or roughs.

Depending on who is asked iron shots can be considered the most important shots of one’s successful golf game.

In the book, “How to Master the Irons”, by Gene Littler and Don Collett, an argument is made detailing the crucial role irons shots play in a winning golf game.

Read a quote from the book below;

“Almost every hole in golf requires some kind of an iron shot. If you can consistently hit the greens with your approach irons and position your ball near the pins, you are going to get your share of birdies and pars. It stands to reason that a good iron player who can direct his ball to within the 15-foot circle around the flag is going to shoot lower scores than the player who is 50 feet away, chipping from off the green or blasting from a trap. It is rather difficult to three-putt from 15 feet, but the odds against parring a hole go higher when a player is trying to get down in two from 50 feet, whether he is on or off the green.

Iron play vs. The Drive and the Putt

There may be some disagreement with what I have said here, because some golfers believe the drive to be the most important shot in golf, others believe it is the putt, while still others consider the iron shot to be most crucial. One golfer contends that you can’t get the ball on the green with an iron shot if you are always playing out of the rough or behind trees. However, I wish to point out that, no matter where a player happens to be, a second shot, usually an iron shot, is still required to reach the green, whether you are in trouble or not. If you are, and your second, or maybe your third, shot is off line or misjudged, you are in further trouble. A good iron player can often salvage a par, or even gain a birdie, from out of the rough. A poor iron player has no such chance. It is well to remember that you measure drives in yards but accuracy with your irons in feet.

Another golfer maintains the premium should be on putting. I grant that ability with a putter is a great asset, but it can’t compensate for poor iron play indefinitely. Great players…do not rely entirely on driving or putting to bring them championships and regular paychecks. Naturally, they excel in those phases of the game, but it is their skill with their iron clubs that puts them on the offensive as soon as they drive off the first tee. By the same token, a faulty iron player must play defensive golf, steer clear of trouble, and rely on his short game to help salvage a respectable score.”

So what do you think?

Where do you stand?

Is iron play the key to your successful golf game or do you feel either driving or putting play is the most essential ingredient to your winning golf formula?

Speak Your Mind

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