Beginner Golf Swing Instruction – The Importance of Timing!

Beginner golf swing instruction programs try to convey how important timing is to a successful golf swing.

For many student golfers, learning to correctly incorporate proper timing into their swing pattern is truly a challenge. Beginner golf swing instruction programs do their best to overcome this obstacle.

Beginner golf swing instruction programs commonly use analogies to assist their students’ functional understanding of timing and rhythm in the swing pattern.

In the book, “How to Master the Irons, an Illustrated Guide to Better Golf”, authors Gene Littler and Don Collett offer some beginner golf swing instruction of their own – a short piece on timing. They explain how the subject of timing should be introduced to the golfer only when the mechanics of the swing have been mastered.

They write;

“At the risk of getting ahead of myself, and putting the cart before the horse, there is one more important function of the swing that I would like to discuss here very briefly before proceeding into the actual mechanics of the swing. It concerns developing a rhythm for swinging, sometimes referred to as “timing.”

Timing The Swing

After you have reached a point where you feel that you have mastered the mechanics of the swing, you should begin to develop a rhythm for swinging. This is generally referred to as timing. Very little is ever written on timing the swing, compared to the fundamentals of the swing, but I feel it will merit your close attention sooner or later.

Learning to time the swing is like learning to dance or play a musical instrument. You have a certain rhythm or “beat” which you must swing into—and so must you when playing golf. Some players have a fast swing tempo, others a slow one; it all depends upon their physical makeup and habit patterns.

By experimenting and trying different speeds, I have developed a set rhythm of swinging the club. I try to maintain this rhythm with every club, trying not to change the tempo of my swing when I change clubs. Naturally, I am swinging faster with certain clubs, say with the long irons and woods, because I take a fuller body turn with these clubs. Thus, the speed of the clubhead increases with the longer-shafted clubs, owing to a fuller clubhead arc, but the tempo of the swing remains the same. This is an important thing to remember at all times“.

Beginner golf swing instruction programs know the importance timing plays in a successful golf swing.

To get the most from your swing pattern, try incorporating Littler and Collett’s professional advice into your practice routines!

Check back soon for more beginner golf swing instruction articles and posts to help quickly improve your golf swing and game!

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