Beginner Golf Swing Instruction – Getting More Swing Power From the Legs and Arms!

Beginner golf swing instruction programs understand the vital role both the legs and arms play in a winning swing pattern.

Students of the game must learn to correctly position both these segments to effectively swing the club to their greatest potential.

To better help their students quickly locate the ideal positions for the arms and legs, beginner golf swing instruction programs employ both cueing techniques and lessons in anatomy!

Student golfers learn cueing techniques to sense weight displacement in the legs and anatomical landmarks, like the elbows and hips, to help determine arm placement.

Knowing these simple yet effective methods used by beginner golf swing instruction programs can make all the difference in your golf swing!

In the book, “How to Master the Irons, an Illustrated Guide to Better Golf”, authors Gene Littler and Don Collett provide some beginner golf swing instruction – walking the student golfer through an easy system designed to correctly position both the arms and legs at the address.

They write;

“The Legs

Flex the knees. At the address position, the knees should be flexed just enough to make your stance comfortable. Some golfers tend to bend their knees too much, while others stand stiff legged over the ball.

There is a happy medium for everyone.

Study the forms of the leading professionals or good amateur players in your area who are near your physical build. Observe how they address the ball and then do a little experimenting yourself. You will soon find a position that feels comfortable to you. Remember, however, don’t flex your knees too much or you will be unable to pivot, or turn, properly.

I have a little habit of pinching my knees in slightly when I address the ball. This tends to work the weight to the inside of my feet, and it firms up my leg muscles so that during the swing I have a “live” feeling in my legs. Pinching the knees in also makes it easier to swing. This inward flexing of the knees promotes good balance, and, as a result, more power and clubhead speed in the hitting area.

So, actually, the knees are flexed in two directions—slightly outward and inward—at the address to give you a comfortable stance and body position over the ball.

Positioning The Arms

Keep the arms close to the body. During the address, the upper part of my arms are in close to my chest, yet I have the feeling that my hands are away from my body. This feeling is achieved by turning the elbows slightly inward so that the right elbow is relaxed and points to my right hip while my left elbow points slightly outside my left hip. With the arms in this position, the swing becomes a one-piece movement, for it puts the emphasis on the body action instead of just the arms and the hands.

It is my firm belief that the hands do nothing consciously but grip the club, and if you entrust your swing primarily to the proper body movements you are bound to become a more consistent player.

In summary, if you will set up on the ball correctly and memorize the basic stances, your arms, legs, and body will be in a position to carry out their assignments much more easily. The entire swing will function more smoothly, more efficiently, and with more power than you have ever had before“.

Beginner golf swing instruction programs understand the important roles the legs and arms play in a successful swing pattern

Try implementing Littler and Collett’s professional advice into your next practice.

Check back soon for more beginner golf swing instruction articles and posts to help improve your golf swing and game!

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