Beginner Golf Swing Instruction – Easy Tips On Purchasing Golf Clubs

Any beginner golf swing instruction program must include an orientation of each clubs purpose and function in the golf swing and golf game.

However, in some cases – for whatever reason – this important topic is mostly overlooked in beginner golf swing instruction courses.

For the beginner golfer, choosing the proper clubs has a tremendous influence upon their golf swing learning curve and overall golfing experience.

With beginner golf swing instruction, the first step toward really learning golf is investing in ones own set of golf clubs. Simply put, golf clubs are the tools of the game, master them and you will master your golf swing and golf game!

For the golf newbie, however, purchasing their first set can become a confusing and expensive endeavor.

There exists a plethora of manufactures and clubs available to choose in the golf club market. From Titleist drivers to Taylor Made irons and putters, the task can be overwhelming.

We at want to provide some simple beginner golf swing instruction and advice, helping make your first club purchase an easy and confident experience.

Below you’ll find some general background information and tips to help educate beginner golfers, allowing them to make intelligent decisions regarding their golf club options.

In the book, “Golf Can be An Easy Game”, author Joe Novak offers his expertise to help newbie golfers make rewarding golf club selections.

Novak writes:

“Modern manufacturing methods produce golf clubs that are uniform as to weight, balance, grip and shaft tension. Clubs are available in various price ranges and can be secured in sets of lesser numbers than the 14 permitted by the rules.

The advice of a member of the Professional Golfers Association would be invaluable in selecting the proper clubs, but if such services are not available, avoid clubs that are too heavy, also avoid clubs with extra stiff shafts.

An ideal balanced club for the average man is a D2 swing weight and the shaft should be of medium tension.

For the average woman the clubs should balance at C7 and the shaft should have a flex tension.

Beginners can operate capably with an abbreviated set —two drivers, preferably the #2 and #4 woods, four irons, preferably #3, 5, 7, 9, a sand wedge and a putter. Such a half set will provide a complete range of shots, and the omitted clubs can be added later.”

Novak goes on to explain the differences in the purposes of the clubs:

“The only difference between the…woods is the degree of loft on the face of the club, which tends to elevate or drive the ball on a higher angle of flight or trajectory.

The same thing is true of the irons…

So the drivers in a set of woods, and the irons in a set of irons are each but a cog or a niche in that set—each designed to produce a certain angle of flight or trajectory, all of which emphasizes this important fact: that the clubs will not produce the respective effect for which they were designed unless they are all swung and applied to the ball in the same way.

In short, a golfer does not purchase a set of golf clubs to make the game more difficult, they do it to make the game easier, and it is easy if they use the same swing on all clubs.”

Above is some helpful information to incorporate into your beginner golf swing instruction. Beginner golfers are to remember this when choosing their golf club arsenal.

Clubs are obviously the tools of the golf game and ones selection will have a large influence upon their golf games performance, experience and success.

Improve your beginner golf swing instruction by better understanding the tools of the game – the clubs!

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