Be Aggressive In The Rain

None of us can control the weather, so there will be times when you find yourself playing in the rain—whether your grinding it out in a tournament or playing in a grudge match with your buddies. You can gain a big edge over others when it rains, if you keep a few things in mind, such as be aggressive with your short game.

Below are five golf tips on playing in the rain:

* Be prepared for rain

* Keep your grips dry

* Have extra gloves in your bag

* Keep your balance

* Be aggressive in the rain

Always carry rain gear. A rain suit, a clean towel, and a pair of rain gloves help keep you and your equipment dry. If you can’t find rain gloves, store extra regular gloves and a pair of cotton gloves in your bag. The cotton gloves enhance your grip when needed. In addition, wipe your grip with a towel before hitting.

Once it starts raining, keep your equipment and yourself as dry as you can. Cover your clubs when not in use. Change your spikes periodically between rounds to prevent slipping. You don’t want to lose your balance. And use your umbrella to shield you from the rain when putting or while waiting to hit.

When pitching and chipping, be aggressive in the rain. Wet grass inhibits roll, so forget the bump and run. Instead, pitch and chip all the way to the hole. Putts run more slowly and break less in the rain, so make sure you get the ball all the way to the hole. If it starts lightning out, get off the course. Keep these golf tips in mind when it rains and you’ll have a big edge on your opponents.

Flop Shot From A Fluffy Lie

No golfer hits every green in regulation. In fact, weekend golfers miss a lot more greens than they hit. That’s why they need a short solid game. A good short game can bail you out of tight situations and help you save par. A flop shot is a good shot to have in your short game arsenal.

It’s great when you have to go over water or sand, or you want to keep the ball from running off the green. But be extra careful with this shot when you have a fluffy lie.

Below are five keys to this shot:

1. Waken your grip a little

2. Open the clubface a bit

3. Play the ball of front heel

4. Keep your elbow close

5. Pick the club up quickly

Ideally, you want to use a flop wedge for this shot. But if you don’t carry one, take your most lofted club use that. Now, weaken your grip on the club a bit, open the clubface to achieve maximum loft, and play the ball off the heel of your front foot.

Cock your wrists sharply as you take the club back keep your back elbow close to your side, and swing the club down with a wristy motion but a firm let hand (right hand for left-handers). Focus on preventing the clubhead from passing your hands through impact.

This prevents your wrists from rolling over on the shot. The key with this shot is letting your wrists hinge more freely than you would on a typical pitch shot without letting them rotate through the ball at impact. The flop shot isn’t appropriate for every lie. Avoid it on tight lies and hardpan.

They don’t give you enough room to slide the clubface under the ball. Make sure you have the right lie before attempting this shot.

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