Tiger Woods Sorry Wants To Improve Image

Although Tiger Woods may not have performed at his highest level during the recent Masters, he was still able to finish only 5 shots back of the top spot. Recently, Tiger Woods summed up his time at the Masters as “pretty cool,” and also apologized for the harsh language that he used during the tournament after a few bad shots.

The tournament was Woods’ first since his highly scrutinized sex scandal first went public. The scandal threatens to ruin his reputation and image, but clearly has not affected his ability to play the game that made him famous.

“I have to say it felt great to return to competition at the Masters Tournament. To actually contend in a major on the back nine Sunday and tie for fourth with very little preparation, with all that has transpired in my life, was pretty cool,” Tiger went on to say on his website, TigerWoods.com

Tiger also apologized for using harsh language while he was out on the course. He said that he was sorry, but that he was caught up in the moment and he is trying to do all that he can to change without losing his competitive spirit.

He also admitted to being nervous about the reaction that he would receive from fans, but went on to say that he was surprised at how warm his reception was. “To get that type of warmth is something I did not expect and will never forget.”

He has previously stated that he would like to interact more with fans, including during the Masters where Woods accepted a letter from a young girl on the third tee. Toward the end of Woods blog post, he stated that he would like to congratulate Phil Mickelson on his win, and went on to congratulate the rest of his family as well.

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