Golf Swing Feedback From Your Club!

To improve golf swing performance one must not only observe the swing pattern and trajectory of the golf ball but the club too.

Our golf clubs reveal valuable feedback about how we manage the swing factors that affect ball drive and control.

So what additional piece of information can the club provide about our swing and drive that of which the ball can not?

In the book, “The Master Key to Success at Golf” author Leslie King explains what we can learn from inspecting our clubs to improve our golf swing, drive and game.

King writes:

“The whole of my teaching is founded on the fact that every well-struck ball from the full tee-shot down to the approach putt is DRIVEN FORWARD. Let me repeat the operative word DRIVEN not flicked or slapped which is the manner of striking of ninety-nine per cent of golfers.

You do not, or you should not, flick that simple approach shot from, say, one hundred yards out. You drive it forward.

Driving the ball forward you blend power with control, keeping the club-face on the ball along the line for that vital fraction of time which ensures firm, accurate shot-making.

If you are already a good player you will notice in dry weather that a large splodge of paint becomes imprinted on the face of the lofted iron club after a firmly struck full shot. Now take a ball and place it against the face of the same marked club. The area of contact is only a fraction the size of the splodge of paint.

The splodge got on to the club-face because the ball, in being driven, had been spread across the metal by the speed and force of impact. It needs little imagination or knowledge of ballistics to realize that this ball had a better chance of holding its course and biting the green than a ball which had more quickly parted company with the club-face.”

Try this golf tip out next time you play. See what feedback you find to improve your golf swing. Sometimes the smallest clues offer the best information on how we can improve our golf swing performance – driving the ball greater distances, more accurately and with greater control!

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